Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So Many Trains, So Little Time

BoardGameGeek lists almost 200 boardgames that have railways and/or trains as a theme of the game. I just piched up Age of Steam, a highly-rated train game, and that makes 4 of my 120 boardgames about trains. (The others are Transamerica, Ticket to Ride, and TTR: Europe.)

Age of Steam is published in the USA by Winsome Games, a small game company in Pittsburgh, PA. Too bad they suck, despite having such a well-regarded game associated with them. It turns out that because of some late-production design changes, the board for AOS has a misprint and some of the rules are incorrect. No big deal, right? Winsome has produced a 2nd edition of the game with everything tidied up. Well, here was their quick fix for all those saps who were unfortunate enough to pick up a copy of the 1st edition.

Not cool at all.

I mean, why make the internet (and your customers) the enemy? Just post the damn 2nd edition rulebook online, and throw a bone to the customers who paid nearly $50 for a copy of your flawed little game. Where is the harm in that?


At 3:57 PM, Blogger fubar awol said...

In addition, the owner of Winsome Games: John Bohrer is a supercilious twit who seems to take delight in abusing his customers. Check out my update to the BGG page where he refuses to make the new rulebook available. If it's anything like the hostile email he has sent me, his response should be enlightening...

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